Our Purposes

"We the members of Delta Theta Sigma Fraternity, in order to promote agriculture, to secure a higher degree of scholarship, to foster the spirit of brotherhood on our vocation, and to insure social and cultural unity, do promote our organization to the fulfillment of these ideals."
The purpose of the Delta Theta Sigma fraternity was elaborated on at the annual Conclave of 1960 to include:

1) Fellowship and lifelong friendship fostered through brotherhood.

2) Promoting the field of agriculture and enhancing the prestige of our profession.

3) Development and improvement of our social graces; inlcuding manners, etiquette, health, dress, and good taste.

4) Excellence in scholarship.

5) Moral and spiritual development of the individual.

6) Appreciation or desire for cultural improvement, such as music, literature, dramatics, debate, speaking, writing, and national affairs.

7) recognition of accomplishments of members.

8) An overall "Pursuit of Excellence."

These eight purposes, that were established 50 years ago, still hold true for ever member of our fraternity.