Pledge Information

After learning more about what we do and who we are, you still might be worried or curious about "pledging." Pledging is simply a four week process intended to educate and build potential members. We are sure that you have heard the horror stories from fraternities across the nation, but we can assure you that we are different. Wilmington College has outlined its Anti- Hazing Policy and is available here (outside link). However, pledging is a big commitment, but every brother that has crossed will be quick to tell you they do not regret it by saying; "four weeks for a lifetime."

Alright, now that you understand what pledging is all about, you still may be wondering how to get started in becoming a man of Delta Theta Sigma. The first and most important aspect is getting to know us. Come over to our house and talk with us or ask us any questions you may have. Please, never feel intimidated to show up at our house. If you notice you are in a class with one of our members, feel free to talk with them or even come over to study. After you have developed a relationship with some or all of us, and you are still interested in pledging, the next step is to attend our Rush. Rush is the final time to introduce yourself to us so we can give you more information about pledging. Attending our Rush is the only way you can receive a bid to pledge. After Rush is over and you and the fraternity have developed a good relationship, the next and final step is pledging. Once you have completed the pledging process all the benefits of full membership are available to you.