DTS ETA Livestock Shows                                                          

     Delta Theta Sigma Eta chapter is proud and privileged to be able to be partnered with some great organizations. Every year we strive for excellence in each event that we host. We would like to thank all the sponsors and organizations that make it possible for us to hold these shows. We would also like to thank all the exhibitors and families that come to participate in these events, because without you the shows could not be successful.

Delta Theta Sigma Foundation Feature in partnership with the Southern Ohio Showdown Cattle Show Circuit

Delta Theta Sigma War at Warren in partnership with the BEST program

Delta Theta Sigma Hog Show in partnership with the Buckeye Show Circuit


     Our chapter is always open to new people or businesses wanting to get involved in our shows. Without sponsors these shows would not be possible, so any donation is greatly appreciated. There is 4 different sponsorship categories. They are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

Bronze: ($25-$49) Name will be placed on the sponsorship board in the middle of the show ring.

Silver: ($50-$99) Have privilege of sponsoring a single class and name placed on the sponsorship board.

Gold: ($100-$250) Have same privileges as bronze and silver sponsors, as well as receiving their own banner displayed in the show ring.

Platinum: ($250 and over) Pictured with the champion, and can set up a booth to display products, as well as having all the privileges as bronze, silver, and gold sponsorships.

If interested in donating either call or email our chapter at 937-382-7301 or